Hypnosis is something which people have been arguing about for more than two centuries. Some people believe in it, and there are people who don’t. Hypnosis has been scientifically proved, but no one is quite clear on why people actually do hypnosis. The human brain works in a complicated manner, and no one can really understand it completely. Though there have been several theories about hypnosis, there still isn’t a clear picture of what exactly it is, and it might always be a mystery to most of us.


Hypnosis is often compared to daydreaming or being lost in a movie or a book or something which interests you the most. You are not exactly sleeping as you are actually awake the entire time, but you are tuned out of the stimulus that is around you.

Various imaginary events can make things that are not real, seem to look like they are for real. Such imaginary events can cause extreme fear and also alter your emotions. You can either be hypnotized by others, or you can also hypnotize yourself. When you are being hypnotized, you will actually feel the things the hypnotizer is telling you even it is not actually happening.

For example, if the hypnotizer tells you that your tongue is swollen twice its size, you will actually feel that your tongue is swollen even it is not. If you are told that you are drinking a hot cup of coffee, you will actually feel the hot coffee going down your throat. The hypnotist can also make you feel pain and alter your emotions. So your emotions can be altered as per the hypnotist wish. It is basically like playing pretend but on a much bigger scale.

Ways to hypnotize someone:

Look into the eyes and speak:

If you want to build trust in someone you need to look into their eyes as you speak to them. Make sure that you do not do this in a creepy manner. Make sure that the eye contact is subtle and that you are able to establish a good conversation with the other person.

Speak in a low voice:

To hypnotize someone you need to talk to them in a soothing manner. Your voice has to be calm, and you have to try to calm the person whom you are trying to hypnotize. You can then use sentences like “Everything is going to be fine,” “let yourself sink in the couch and relax,” “Your eyes might feel heavy, and you might want to close them,” “you are in complete control.” These sentences will help the person you are hypnotizing to relax and stay calm. When your subject is calm, you will be able to hypnotize them in a better manner.