Hypnosis is the human condition where one loses consciousness without their knowledge, and they come to a state where they respond to people because of peripheral awareness.

Hypnosis is one of those topics that been debated for a long period. It remains a huge question mark for most of the people. For many, it has always been something that cannot be accepted. Here are some facts about Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is medically accepted

Even though there are people who really don’t accept Hypnosis, it is a practice that has been medically accepted. Initially many were against involving hypnosis in the medical treatments, but it was in the 1950s that people started accepting it. Hypnosis is generally used in the Physiological treatments were the experts use it to get deep into the minds of people.

Medical aspect

They are still awake

It is one the biggest misconceptions when it comes to hypnosis that the people are asleep. And they are some being magically controlled by the other person. The truth is that they are totally awake during the process of hypnosis.

The average person experience hypnosis twice a day

Are you confident that you have never been hypnotized in your life? Well, it high time that you think again.  Facts say that an average person gets hypnotized at least twice a day. This is one fact that might made you raise your eyebrows.

When it all started

Studies reveal that hypnosis has been in practice since the 18th century. The Austrian physician Franz Mesmer knew about Hypnosis from the earlier societies and is credited for bringing it to public notice around 1770. The word mesmerism and mesmerize are derived from this name. Franz Mesmer is one of the very first to study Hypnosis techniques.

Long long ago

There are certain Egyptian records state that is dated around 1500 BC having descriptions about hypnosis. Even though it is particularly not mentioned as hypnosis, Imhotep the world’s first known physician used these techniques to heal people both physically and mentally. The places where these people were healed were called Sleep Temples.

Can also be used as Anesthesia

Studies prove that hypnosis can be used in pain management. The research done with EEG show that hypnosis can remove the sense of pain. It is very particularly mentioned that the touch can be felt, but the pain that it causes cannot be identified by the brain. In recent days women are starting to practice hypnosis to have pain free childbirth.

Clinical and Stage Hypnosis

The common idea that people have is that the hypnosis that is being performed on the stage is very much similar to the hypnosis that is performed by the doctors. The clinical hypnosis is much intense and really takes a lot to perfect it.  Both might look the same but are entirely different from each other.

The true Potential

Hypnosis might look like a practice that doesn’t have any negative effects. But the truth is that, if performed to its fullest potential it has the ability to bring memory loss. Some might have thought it is funny and some might have thought it is just another trick.