Hypnosis is a condition of the human being, where he or she loses their consciousness without their knowledge and they enter a zone where they respond to people because of their peripheral awareness.

Hypnosis, in general, is not a widely accepted concept. The majority of the population still believes that there is some of the trick involved, which they are comfortable experiencing. Hypnosis is a technique which around for a long period since 1500 BC. Fading away in the middle, it was again brought to practice by the Austrian Physician Franz Mesmer. It was called mesmerism for a while, and since it was started practicing medical field, it was called as Hypnosis.

Here are some of the popularly used hypnosis techniques


The Relaxation Technique

This is one of the most commonly used hypnosis techniques, especially in therapy.  Have you ever wondered why every therapist you go, they ask you feel more comfortable and make you lie down on a well-balanced cushion? Instead, they could have just asked you to take a seat. It is because it makes you feel calm and bit relaxed. So that they could have a better connect with you. This helps them to get to know you better so that they can provide good treatment.

Handshake Technique

Generally, handshakes are known for greeting people. Milton Erikson who is known to be the Father of Hypnotherapy often uses handshakes to hypnotize people. Instead of shaking hands this technique involves grabbing the wrist and pulling the person. This sudden unexpected action disrupts the consciousness and makes the mind open for suggestions.


This is one of the advanced and strong techniques in hypnosis. This requires a lot of effort of master it. The visualization is a technique that can be used both to hypnotize and also to induce suggestions. This is also one of the techniques that have been mentioned some of the ancient literary works.

Arm levitation technique

The Arm levitation technique is basically an extension of the Ericksonian technique. Generally, this technique involves making the person comfortable, asking him or her to lie down and close their eyes. They are asked to feel the difference between their arms. The therapist actually suggests the sensation like the hand being light, heavy and so on. This is the part where they enter the zone a feel what the therapist actually says.

The Body scan

This is one of the popular methods used for self-hypnosis.  The body is scanned from head to feet with your eyes closed. Notice that there are evident changes in your body like the expansion of the ribcage, slight pain in your eyebrows, and the fingers trying to expand. The process needs to be repeated from bottom to top. Continue until you enter the trance.


Countdown Breathing

Countdown breathing is one of the common methods that you might have heard of. This is also a form of self-hypnosis. The process involves closing the eyes and sitting upright on the chair. Place the arms on the lap. Take a deep breathe through the nose and let out through your mouth. With very slow breaths countdown form 100. In the end, there are high possibilities that you might be in a trance.