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Eye Cues

The best yet subtle hypnotic cues which will clear your mind and set you to the track you want to go in and help you move forward.



You will be given many cues out of which we make sure that you pick the cue that will help you move forward, and help you make the right decisions.



We make it possible for you to develop meaning in the experiences that you have and treasure the ones that are dear to you and help you achieve great cognitive ability by improving your experience in life.



We make the best use of this technique and help you advance much in life, by getting your focus away from the disturbing thing that will deform you mentally.


hypnotic massage

This a technique that helps anybody not just to get their physical body relived and relaxed form all its stress, it also helps in relieving the mental stress of a person and get us back on track and help us have a really good physical and mental health.

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Matilde Araujo Castro

As a traveling performer as it is really difficult to have a normal life after a lot of mental strain but they got me back on track at the earliest and helped me get myself together quickly.



To be an entrepreneur is very stressful while starting the company and getting to the heights that you want to take it to. These people are like the beacon to relive anybody of all their mental problems they sure have helped me much in improving myself.

Sebastian Butcher

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Best Hypnosis Techniques

Hypnosis is a condition of the human being, where he or she loses their consciousness without their knowledge and they enter a zone where they respond to people because of their peripheral awareness.

Hypnosis, in general, is not a widely accepted concept. The majority of the population still believes that there is some of the trick involved, which they are comfortable experiencing. Hypnosis is a technique which around for a long period since 1500 BC. Fading away in the middle, it was again brought to practice by the Austrian Physician Franz Mesmer. It was called mesmerism for a while, and since it was started practicing medical field, it was called as Hypnosis.

Here are some of the popularly used hypnosis techniques


The Relaxation Technique

This is one of the most commonly used hypnosis techniques, especially in therapy.  Have you ever wondered why every therapist you go, they ask you feel more comfortable and make you lie down on a well-balanced cushion? Instead, they could have just asked you to take a seat. It is because it makes you feel calm and bit relaxed. So that they could have a better connect with you. This helps them to get to know you better so that they can provide good treatment.

Handshake Technique

Generally, handshakes are known for greeting people. Milton Erikson who is known to be the Father of Hypnotherapy often uses handshakes to hypnotize people. Instead of shaking hands this technique involves grabbing the wrist and pulling the person. This sudden unexpected action disrupts the consciousness and makes the mind open for suggestions.


This is one of the advanced and strong techniques in hypnosis. This requires a lot of effort of master it. The visualization is a technique that can be used both to hypnotize and also to induce suggestions. This is also one of the techniques that have been mentioned some of the ancient literary works.

Arm levitation technique

The Arm levitation technique is basically an extension of the Ericksonian technique. Generally, this technique involves making the person comfortable, asking him or her to lie down and close their eyes. They are asked to feel the difference between their arms. The therapist actually suggests the sensation like the hand being light, heavy and so on. This is the part where they enter the zone a feel what the therapist actually says.

The Body scan

This is one of the popular methods used for self-hypnosis.  The body is scanned from head to feet with your eyes closed. Notice that there are evident changes in your body like the expansion of the ribcage, slight pain in your eyebrows, and the fingers trying to expand. The process needs to be repeated from bottom to top. Continue until you enter the trance.


Countdown Breathing

Countdown breathing is one of the common methods that you might have heard of. This is also a form of self-hypnosis. The process involves closing the eyes and sitting upright on the chair. Place the arms on the lap. Take a deep breathe through the nose and let out through your mouth. With very slow breaths countdown form 100. In the end, there are high possibilities that you might be in a trance.

Facts about Hypnosis

Hypnosis is the human condition where one loses consciousness without their knowledge, and they come to a state where they respond to people because of peripheral awareness.

Hypnosis is one of those topics that been debated for a long period. It remains a huge question mark for most of the people. For many, it has always been something that cannot be accepted. Here are some facts about Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is medically accepted

Even though there are people who really don’t accept Hypnosis, it is a practice that has been medically accepted. Initially many were against involving hypnosis in the medical treatments, but it was in the 1950s that people started accepting it. Hypnosis is generally used in the Physiological treatments were the experts use it to get deep into the minds of people.

Medical aspect

They are still awake

It is one the biggest misconceptions when it comes to hypnosis that the people are asleep. And they are some being magically controlled by the other person. The truth is that they are totally awake during the process of hypnosis.

The average person experience hypnosis twice a day

Are you confident that you have never been hypnotized in your life? Well, it high time that you think again.  Facts say that an average person gets hypnotized at least twice a day. This is one fact that might made you raise your eyebrows.

When it all started

Studies reveal that hypnosis has been in practice since the 18th century. The Austrian physician Franz Mesmer knew about Hypnosis from the earlier societies and is credited for bringing it to public notice around 1770. The word mesmerism and mesmerize are derived from this name. Franz Mesmer is one of the very first to study Hypnosis techniques.

Long long ago

There are certain Egyptian records state that is dated around 1500 BC having descriptions about hypnosis. Even though it is particularly not mentioned as hypnosis, Imhotep the world’s first known physician used these techniques to heal people both physically and mentally. The places where these people were healed were called Sleep Temples.

Can also be used as Anesthesia

Studies prove that hypnosis can be used in pain management. The research done with EEG show that hypnosis can remove the sense of pain. It is very particularly mentioned that the touch can be felt, but the pain that it causes cannot be identified by the brain. In recent days women are starting to practice hypnosis to have pain free childbirth.

Clinical and Stage Hypnosis

The common idea that people have is that the hypnosis that is being performed on the stage is very much similar to the hypnosis that is performed by the doctors. The clinical hypnosis is much intense and really takes a lot to perfect it.  Both might look the same but are entirely different from each other.

The true Potential

Hypnosis might look like a practice that doesn’t have any negative effects. But the truth is that, if performed to its fullest potential it has the ability to bring memory loss. Some might have thought it is funny and some might have thought it is just another trick.

What is hypnosis and how does it work?

Hypnosis is something which people have been arguing about for more than two centuries. Some people believe in it, and there are people who don’t. Hypnosis has been scientifically proved, but no one is quite clear on why people actually do hypnosis. The human brain works in a complicated manner, and no one can really understand it completely. Though there have been several theories about hypnosis, there still isn’t a clear picture of what exactly it is, and it might always be a mystery to most of us.


Hypnosis is often compared to daydreaming or being lost in a movie or a book or something which interests you the most. You are not exactly sleeping as you are actually awake the entire time, but you are tuned out of the stimulus that is around you.

Various imaginary events can make things that are not real, seem to look like they are for real. Such imaginary events can cause extreme fear and also alter your emotions. You can either be hypnotized by others, or you can also hypnotize yourself. When you are being hypnotized, you will actually feel the things the hypnotizer is telling you even it is not actually happening.

For example, if the hypnotizer tells you that your tongue is swollen twice its size, you will actually feel that your tongue is swollen even it is not. If you are told that you are drinking a hot cup of coffee, you will actually feel the hot coffee going down your throat. The hypnotist can also make you feel pain and alter your emotions. So your emotions can be altered as per the hypnotist wish. It is basically like playing pretend but on a much bigger scale.

Ways to hypnotize someone:

Look into the eyes and speak:

If you want to build trust in someone you need to look into their eyes as you speak to them. Make sure that you do not do this in a creepy manner. Make sure that the eye contact is subtle and that you are able to establish a good conversation with the other person.

Speak in a low voice:

To hypnotize someone you need to talk to them in a soothing manner. Your voice has to be calm, and you have to try to calm the person whom you are trying to hypnotize. You can then use sentences like “Everything is going to be fine,” “let yourself sink in the couch and relax,” “Your eyes might feel heavy, and you might want to close them,” “you are in complete control.” These sentences will help the person you are hypnotizing to relax and stay calm. When your subject is calm, you will be able to hypnotize them in a better manner.

20 Day Persuasion Review Conclusion

Firstly, when I first visited the web site, I can see the entire sales copy was professionally written. You can see it from how they use the fonts, colors and arrangement of the words on the page. I would expect this since Lee’s himself is a persuasion expert and a professional copy writer.

Did he write the sales copy himself? No one knows but I’m sure he did prove read it based on his own persuasion system.

After going through all the standard process to buy 20 Day Persuasion, I finally get to read Lee’s e-book. At a closer look, Lee’s hypnosis training manual is pretty bulky with a total of 229 pages long. It is sub-divided into 20 chapters and covers pretty much everything you would need to know about persuading people with subtle indirect hypnosis.

The following are a few topics covered by the guide:

1) How to make people like you instantly.

2) The art of winning arguments and negotiations every time.

3) How to get people to willingly cooperate with you.

4) How to increase your personal value from a simple discussion.

5) Systematic checklist of the things you should do before trying to persuade anyone.

20 Day Persuasion Review Conclusion

So what do I think about Michael Lee’s 20 Day Persuasion training package? If your line of work involves having to communicate with people and persuading them to see your point of view, it is very essential for you to have good communication skills.

In order for you to be a good communicator, you have to understand how the human mind works and how it makes decision. People are generally selfish, and we make decisions which are beneficial to us.

Michael Lee understands this important factor and after read his e-book, I noticed how he wants his readers to identify people’s prime motivator. The idea is to get these motivators and structure them into the way we communicate through words, letters and emails. It’s pretty powerful stuff!

Will Lee’s manual work for you? That depends on your personal willingness to learn. If you want to improve your communication skill, I would suggest for you to have an open mind and study the material closely.

Anyway, Lee’s offer comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. If you don’t see any value in the e-book, you can ask for a full refund within 60 days from your purchase date. There is nothing for you to lose actually.

How much does it cost? Lee’s package is not very expensive. His e-book together with 7 additional bonus materials on the art of communication is available for only $47. If you are still not sure, just go to his web site and subscribe to Lee’s newsletter and get a free course on persuasion secrets and mind control techniques.

Read some of Lee’s material first and then decide if you want to get the entire persuasion course. If you are in the midst of researching Michael Lee’s training package, I hope this 20 Day Persuasion review has been helpful for you.







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