Subliminal Messages In Cartoons – The Art Of Covert Hypnosis

Hidden Subliminal Messages Found In Cartoons

Here’s some interest information of found regarding [tag-tec]hypnotic messages[/tag-tec] in cartoons. Most of us grew up watching Disney films and cartoons. From the classic cartoon such as Bambee, Snow White, Pinocchio to the more recent ones such as The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin etc. Have you ever wonder if there’s subliminal messages in all these family wholesome shows?

But before that, what are these subliminal messages? It it sort of hidden message where we can’t see neither comprehend with our conscious mind. However, our sub-conscious mind can pick it up and influence out thoughts without us knowing it. It is the same process used in conversational hypnosis.

Now back to these Disney shows. Are there any hidden messages? There are definitely subliminal messages hidden in Disney shows but most people do not know about it.

Here’s an example of such subconscious messages in the show Aladdin. Do you know the part where Aladdin is climbing off of Jasmine’s roof, when her pet tiger attacks him? This is when Aladdin mumbles “take off your clothes.”

However, the Company states that this is not true. To hear the message, you would have to turn up the volume and listen closely to it for yourself.

Here’s another one. This one involves the movie The Rescuers back in the 1970s. There’s a scene where Bernard and Bianca are riding off on the back of their friend, Wilbur, you will see a very naughty image that is showing in the background of a topless woman.

Disney is not denying this one. In fact, they recalled this movie!

If you were to do some research on the web, you will find more of these hypnotic subliminal messages in Disney cartoons. Why are the messages there? Are there any sinister motives? Your guess is as good as mine.


  1. Teresa

    Skip to scene 5 when Aladdin and Abu are about to eat the fruit they’ve just stolen. Before princess Jasmin appears on the scene you hear the crowd say many things but if you listen closely you can hear one of the peddlers mention cocaine. Sound are distributed through the left and right speakers. Some sound are played in the left that may not be played in the right but when they are played together it makes it difficult to hear. If you are able to switch the speaker sound to only play one side at a time. Replay that part of the scene untill you hear one single male voice mention cocaine. If you don’t hear it in the left, play it back and try the other side.

  2. Teresa

    If you can’t catch that one try this one If you didn’t catch that one try this it’s not a subliminal but it is funny! Skip to scene 9 when the Jafar goes to help Aladdin out of the cave. Jafar kicks the monkey out of the way just then you hear the monkey call Jafar a crazy crack head you may only have to play that one back only twice because it’s not a subliminal.

  3. Teresa

    If you can’t catch that one try this one:Skip to scene 25 and rewind until you see the full moon. The full moon laughs and then the jenie pulls up the movie screen and says,”Made you look.” Just before he begins to speak you can hear a female voice say,”look right now.” What it is that they want your eyes to focus on I am unsure of. It’s very fast and they mask the female voice using the sound of the film being roled up to reveal the jenie.

  4. Teresa

    Both Stargate and Star Gate SG1 also have them. Skip to the scene during Star Gate when the archologists first find the stargate. They are discussing the uncertainty of the unearthed object. When the frenchmen speaks pause the movie just before the subtitles appear.(you will have to do this more than once unless you also have this sense) The first time you play the movie you only see white letters but if you watch it frame by frame you will see green writing in a language that I have never seen. It looks alien to me and the only reason why I have come to this conclusion is because in aladdin aliens are mentioned aliens are also mentioned in the original super man.

  5. Teresa

    I developed a sense a couple of years ago that allows me to see and hear things that I couldn’t understand before. The first subliminal message I ever caught was during Star Trek Voyager. One day I was watching the intro to the show and caught a glimpse of an image and I said out loud,”What the crap was that?” I decided to play it back frame by frame and an image of an alien came up. It got me to thinking what other shows that I have that also do the same thing.

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